About HPL

Our Vision

HPL is a vital member of a dynamic and diverse local, national and global community.

Our Mission

We Link people to the world.

In a strong act of commitment to a more equitable society, 133 public libraries across North America have signed ULC's statement on race and social equity:

As leaders of North America's public libraries, we are committed to achieving racial and social equity by contributing to a more just society in which all community members can realize their full potential. Our libraries can help achieve true and sustained equity through an international, systemic and transformative library-community partnership. Our library systems are working to achieve equity in the communities we serve by:

  • Eliminating racial and social equity barriers in library programs, services, policies and practices
  • Creating and maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect both in our library systems and in all aspects of our community role
  • Ensuring that we are reaching and engaging disenfranchised people in the community and helping them express their voice
  • Serving as a convener and facilitator of conversations and partnerships to address community challenges
  • Being forthright on tough issues that are important to our communities

Libraries are trusted, venerable and enduring institutions, central to their communities and an essential participant in the movement for racial and social equity.

Download the PDF and learn more at urbanlibraries.org

We are a dynamic organization that serves one of the largest service areas – both population and area – in the country. 2.3 million residents in the City of Houston are the primary beneficiaries of a comprehensive customer-focused service delivery strategy. Our system is comprised of 44 public service units including 31 Neighborhood Libraries, four Regional Libraries, three Special Collection Libraries and four Express Libraries, the HPL Mobile Express and a satellite library located at the Children’s Museum of Houston. Our flagship facility, Central Library, located in downtown Houston, anchors this constellation of service points.

HPL Links people to the world, through a broadly defined platform of educational, recreational and cultural programs and services for persons of all ages, ethnicities, and life stages throughout Houston and the surrounding region. Houston Public Library holds 3 million items, and in the past year served 8.2 million in-person and online visitors, answered over 2.1 million information questions, circulated more than 5.7 million books, magazines, and audio-visual materials and attracted over 400,000 participants to our programs. Notably, all services and privileges that accompany the Houston Public Library MY Link card are free to all residents in the state of Texas.