Surviving the Holidays With HPL




Let's face it; one person's happy holiday is another person's worst nightmare.  Trying to juggle cooking, decorating, shopping, family and the expectation of perfection can be overwhelming.  When the holly jollies start getting you down, don't worry.  We've got you.

Humor Can Save The Day

Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh.  The holidays provide ample opportunity for families to make fools of themselves, and laughing at crazy situations can be a viable way to cope with life!  HPL has lots of memoirs and collections of stories that will either make you feel much better about your family's drama or just give you a funny distraction.


The Great Melting Pot of Awkward

When you get a whole bunch of people together who probably don't spend a lot of time around one another, things can get weird.  My own holiday gatherings consist of blended families, lone wolves, the perpetually in trouble, and those who don't seem to have any social skills to speak of.  Whether you never know how to handle social situations or you know someone who doesn't, any of these tools can help!


Holiday Success Doesn't Come Cheap

The holiday season isn't only emotionally and physically taxing, but it can hit your wallet pretty darn hard too.  As we all know, this causes its own breed of stress that no one wants to deal with.  The books in this section will help you embrace the idea of getting back to basics and help you work through tough times when expectations are high.


Coping with Grief, Surrounded by Joy

Obviously, I like humor.  This is how I tend to cope with quite a bit in life, but some things can't be laughed away.  Even in the intended happiest times of the year some of us are tasked with facing some seriously sad stuff.  For these times, HPL is still here for you.


With your MY Link card in hand, you can clear just about every hurtle the holiday season can throw at your feet.  Don't forget to check out our e-books, e-audiobooks, digital music and more with Overdrive, Axis360, Freegal, Hoopla and OneClickDigital!

Happy Holidays, Houston!

Lauren W.

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