Winter Reading Program



Winter Reading Program

Picture it! The weather has turned cold and families huddle together under blankets to read cherished holiday stories. The youngest crawls into a nearby chair or snuggles close to someone who can help them with the words. Old favorites whose pages have been memorized are read aloud and together they rhyme and explore their way to new worlds. The illustrations come alive as the child takes their turn to read aloud, pointing to the pictures and asking what they are about. Sitting side by side, these loved ones discover words and meanings and establish a lifelong love of reading. We can all agree that these moments bonding over books are the ones that speed by the fastest but are enjoyed the longest.

Over the years, most books begin having fewer pictures and more words, changing a young reader’s relationship with the material. As a supportive adult, the focus becomes less about reading aloud together and more about suggesting new authors or talking about their thoughts of the story. Just like reading together, acknowledging their reaction to the stories and building conversations around books is a gift of love you can give to a child in your life.

We’re giving you the perfect opportunity to give such a gift with our Winter Reading Program! From December 15th through January 15th, you and your family have a chance to read together (or solo) and earn a prize (a free book!). There are several ways to participate, including:

  • Reading to a child for 20 minutes a day for 10 days
  • Listening to a child read to you for 20 minutes a day for 10 days
  • Having older siblings read to or listen to a child read (both are then eligible for prizes!)

Participants (ages Infant to 18) can begin picking up their registration badge and program attendance badge on December 15th. After reading for 10 days (these days do not need to be consecutive) they will be eligible to pick up their free book completion prize on December 26th. Logging additional time will not be allowed after January 15th, but prizes can be picked up until January 31st.

Registration NOW OPEN!

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