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You can filter any of these search results to find more specific items based on audience, format and more!

E-books and More

Search for e-books, streaming media (movies, music and TV shows) and e-audiobooks in other languages.

Learning Languages


A comprehensive language-learning solution with over 70 languages. Interface and lessons are available in multiple languages. Many languages also include lessons for children, advanced learners, and videos. Also includes ProCitizen for U.S. citizenship test preparation in both English and Spanish.

Annenberg Learner Foreign Language

Features streaming videos that teach topics including language learning (English, Spanish, French, and ESL instruction).

BBC News in Languages

Get the news in your language.

Find more at Resources in Other Languages.

We have several programs specific to language development for all ages. Here is a list of just a few activities.

  • Bilingual Storytimes
  • Bilingual Playgroups
  • Computer Classes
  • Conversational Language Sessions
  • Language Classes (Spanish and Chinese)

For more information on locations, dates and hours, please call 832-393-1313 or visit the Events Calendar.